6 Effective Ways To Make Your Toddler Laugh

Most parents out there are puzzled when it comes to how they could make the toddler giggle and laugh their heart out. Well, chances are you might be one of them.  But the fact is, we shouldn’t force it. It will just suddenly pop out at the most inopportune moments.

Moreover, laughter is our best weapon against their tantrums. Believe it or not, you don’t want to trigger these tantrum scenarios or else, you don’t know what will happen next. By that, here are great tricks you can use once you feel that they are having a hard time:

Create a race.

Don’t underestimate the power of competition in creating a jolly atmosphere for your kids. Kids love the challenge. They love competition. In creating a race, you are giving them the chance to prove themselves while enjoying the activity. Not only that, but you’re also helping them boost their confidence.

So, why not let them play on kid climbers at Step2 Direct. Then, challenge them.  It doesn’t just keep them occupied; it provides them also the physical release their body needs.

Tickle fight!

Based on the research, our laughter could have been evolved right from the grasping behavior of primate when they are playing such as tickling. Believe it or not, my 3-year old son loves to do naughty thing just to be tickled! He has the hardest belly laugh during our tickle play! This play eliminates their general anxiety and strengthens your relationship with your tots.

Time for Freeze Game.

Just imagine that your little toddler is silently coloring lovely pictures at her easel while you are cleaning the house. Then in a matter of seconds, you both freeze in motion! And your kid laughs hard because of your silly pose. This scenario is priceless. She will surely poke you until you move from that frozen pose. She will chuckle and run to tell her younger sister how amazing your Freeze game. Just try this game and see how much fun it can bring to your family.

Read entertaining books.

Visit your library. Choose something funny (and kid-friendly) for your booklist. If you can’t find one, you can browse the internet. Reading together with your toddler will give you nothing but laughter as you explore together different chapters of the book. As much as possible, pick stories, which tells an adventure.

Watch hilarious movies together.

Most of us love the idea of watching comedy movies. If you are looking for the most suggested funny movies which are suitable for your kids, try Mary Poppins’ movie.

Play, play, play.

Laughter is often related to playing times. During your free time, join your toddler dress up in weird costumes, play kitchen, or blow bubbles which will guarantee loads of amusement. You can spice up your playtime through buying them Step2 Direct ride on toys for toddler, another worth-spending toy which will help them explore the wonders of the world.


Here’s the best part: one day, your son or daughter will unexpectedly start playing jokes around you, or hiding under the blanket when it’s time to eat.

Don’t reprimand them. Let them enjoy their childhood with you.

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