Imagine yourself walking into your bedroom where your girlfriend is waiting dressed in a Princess Leia outfit. Wouldn’t it be amazing? Definitely a yes. That’s what sexy role play costumes are there for. At one time or the other, you get into a different character than yourself and get to experience what it feels like to be sexually enjoying being that character.

According to a survey, around 15 percent of the people were found to dress their female counterparts in as a stripper or else in a schoolgirl uniform. People believe themselves to be reliving that period of their lives when a school friend was their crush. Strippers are a typical fantasy or nearly every individual and who would miss an opportunity of dressing his girlfriend as one!

Another of the favorite adult costumes is the French maid uniform. With a tight corset and a fitting body costume, a deep neckline and thigh high stockings; this outfit has boys drool over. With a collar in the neck, high-heeled stilettoes and a maid cap on the top, this costume is a favorite adult fantasy all over the world.

Women prefer costumes like the playboy bunny with two ears protruding from their head and a skimpy camisole barely covering their bottoms and front; the kinky cop costume with high heels, gloves, and a stick; the favorite Harley Quinn costume and the sexy night nurse costume to mesmerize their male counterparts. With the all-time favorites being the hot and sexy fire chief; the flight attendant and the legendary princess Leia costumes.

Not only this, but there are also catsuit bodices which are entirely form fitting to show off the figures of the women and several types of lingerie like the crotch-less, backless, open back panties, wrap bikini tops, collars, open cup harness bras and much more.

Although women have a wide variety of choices in selecting their costumes; men have a select range. They choose to be more muscular and heroic. The costumes of superheroes like the Superman and Batman are in high demand. Leather pants with a whip in hand is another favorite costume from the BDSM foreplay sessions. Although girls have been seen to go crazy over the fire-fighter suit, doctor suit and the policeman; they aren’t as much in demand as the superheroes are.

The adult costumes are centered on the female characters as they are found in nearly all mythologies and tales as well as in comics as being pretty sexy. Especially the princes’ costumes may it be the underwater princess or the fantasy Arabian nights princess or the ice queen or even the high mistress.

All of these adult costumes can be found at online sexy lingerie website like, where quite a variety of these items can be found at reasonable prices. So, never let go of your fantasies and adventurous side and be always prepared to ride the tide on the happy boat of life with a lot of fun and pleasure at its behest.

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