Do not make these mistakes when shopping for school backpacks

Have you heard of parents who constantly complain about having trouble while buying the school backpacks for their kids? Why do you think that these parents always end up complaining? Does it mean that everyone who buys backpacks face problems? Does it mean that there aren’t any happy customers? Let us look at the concerns here little closely to understand the dynamics that makes a customer a disgruntled or a happy customer.

Often we tend to think that if a customer is disgruntled it is only because of the stores from where they order their school supplies. We do not stop for a moment to find the right reasons. What you should understand here is that the problems could there be with the approach of the customers. It is important to find the source of these problems so that you could address them effectively.

One of the common mistakes customers make is to look for cheap backpacks instead of looking for good quality backpacks at a good price. Yes, if you are going to focus only on the price then you are automatically ignoring the other factors. What if you find the cheapest backpacks available in the industry and the quality of the backpacks you offer is inferior? Such backpacks will not last even for few months. In a couple of months you will be looking for a new backpacks which means you will be spending money again on buying new backpacks. Here you are only doubling your expense instead of saving, which is obviously against your own goal.

The second mistake that we find among parents who are sourcing school supplies for their kids is that they start their shopping process in the last minute. When they wait until the last moment they do not get a chance to review their suppliers. They fail to check whether they are ordering their backpacks and other supplies from a trusted supplier. All these are because they do not have that kind of time in the last minute to screen multiple suppliers. As a result they are forced to order their supplies form the first store that they come across. Unless one is extremely lucky the first store that they come across may not be the best store in the industry.

Thirdly customers think that the only way to order their school supplies is to go to the retailers. They do not consider alternative approaches. Instead of going to a retailer what if one can get their backpacks from a wholesaler. It is going to bring down the cost per piece dramatically and it will also save you a lot of time in the subsequent years.

When customers make so many mistakes while shopping for their school supplies, it may not help you address the issue correctly if you are going to find fault only with the online stores. So you better look at the whole shopping approach that you use little more closely and make the right adjustments.

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