Embroidered Patches – Beautifying The Clothing

To cover a part of your clothing or to symbolize your membership with a certain organization or company, patches are used in both the cases. Earlier, these patches were embroidered by hand, but with the advancements in machinery and technology, they can now be produced in bulk in the factories. Natural fibres like cotton, silk and wool are used for embroidery.

What are patches used for?

Patches are used for the following reasons:

  • Patches embroidered with the names of organizations and companies can be sewn on their uniform to mark them as a part of the company.
  • Patches can be used to strengthen the torn or weak part of any clothing.
  • There are fashionable patches available in the market with different designs to beautify the clothing style.
  • These patches are also used to set fashion trends in public.

How to add patches on your clothes?

Patches normally linked with Jerseys, denim and jackets, can be added to your clothes by different means, namely:

  • By ironing the patch on the part where it has to be added
  • By sewing it and sealing it on applying heat, so that it lasts longer
  • Temporary patches can be added to your clothes with the help of glue; it makes it possible to remove the patches without causing any damage

Custom Patches

Along with the already known patches, one can create their patches with custom designs. The process involves designing the patch art, digitalizing the art on the computer with the help of technicians and creating a sample before mass production.

Embroidered Patches can be used to set a great trend, beautify the existing designs and set a uniform standard for different companies. Imagine having two companies with the uniform of the same colour, there is no way to distinguish between them just by looking at their uniforms! That is what patches provide.

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