Gel nails- good or bad?

Like other types of manicures, gel nails have advantages and disadvantages with respect to others that must be taken into account when deciding to become one. Recently emerged a new trend in the world of manicure: gel nails. Unlike conventional manicures, gel nails are more durable and make life more convenient. For some, it’s a miracle, a lifesaver. For those who have never gone through the process, a gel manicure basically works like this:  Several base coats are dried under an ultraviolet lamp, followed by layers of nail polish and a top coat.

To remove the ultra-resistant gel manicure, you should have your nails soaked in acetone for some time before acting. The result is a glaze with perfect appearance and dazzling designs.In this, the expert mentions that by irregular methods of taking out the gel nails may cause some harmful effects produced by the continuous application of gel nails. However, some nail stylist has a sceptical opinion when it comes to gels. They claim that the process has results that may look beautiful for two weeks, but can cause long-term damage to the natural nail. Have a look at

Many manicurists put their clients’ nails and hands to soak in acetone, which dries and stings fingernails and fingers. Recognized brands advise against soaking the acetone hand as company policy to minimize damage to the hands. Other stylists polish too much, often leaving the surface of the nail natural fine and unprotected, needing almost a year for the healing process.Damage to the nails is a common concern among users of the gel manicure. A study in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology uses two different technologies to measure the thickness of the nail before and after the gel manicure. Both scanners showed a thinning of the surface of the nail after the manicure.

There is a renowned dermatologist, who points out that “regular application of acetone to the nail surface and its polishing are also potentially damaging to the nail surface in the long term.” Acetone is usually avoidable with regular manicures, especially if the client is provided with a less harmful option.On the other hand, there is also talk about the convenience of using UV light. Submitting to UV light on a regular basis is not recommended. (Remember the constant warnings of how bad UVA rays are for the skin and how important it is to protect themselves with them with sunscreen, and also the controversy about the use of UVA tanning machines). Well, this is the same light, the same UVA rays.

The more times the gel manicure is performed, the more UV exposure accumulates and the subsequent risk of skin cancer increases. In addition, most people do not know that the UV light needed to dry the gel nails is 3-5 times stronger than that of a solarium.So what do you think are you planning to get the gel nails over your natural nails or not?

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