Improve Your Kid’s Fitness By Adding Weight To Toys

While it might sound a bit odd at first, you will get use to this fact. However, you also need to make sure that the toys that your kids play with are safe and meant for their age, otherwise they can cause a lot of damage; this is why it is good to buy toys from a good store, like the Step2 Direct.

Does it work?

If you add weights to your children’s toys, it might actually improve your kids’ fitness, according to a research done at Indiana State University. When your kids get daily needed exercise, they will have improvement on energy expenditure, respiration, heart rate and muscle activity.

As the children carry more weights, they will also burn more calories, which will make their heart rates and respiration higher. While these toys are usually advised to be used on kids who are overweight or obese, giving your kid to play with such toys will also show some improvement.

Obesity is a huge problem

Today, one of the biggest epidemics in many countries is obesity, and sadly it happens to kids in their early stages as well. This is why researchers are trying to find a way to avoid that and help kids on their path to a healthier life. Even if these toys are not the only answer that can help our children, they are the beginning to a positive contribution.

Obesity is a big problem among children as well

Everyone can benefit

Even children who have disabilities or strength deficits could gain something from such weighted toys. The research has shown that there is a possibility that by using such toys in a pediatric occupational therapy clinic or a pediatric physical therapy clinic for a child who has a disability, for example Down syndrome, or cerebral palsy, could actually help them.

Simply put, weighted toys can serve as a tool which can help an occupational therapist or a physical therapist with their therapeutic approaches. This way, kids will understand better and get all the necessary exercise you need.

Toys are important

Usually, everyone had one toy in their childhood that was their favorite, and 90% of us still remember that toy today. This is why it is important that you purchase toys of good quality ad the ones that will help your children grow.

There are many toys today that are built in a way to help your children improve their intelligence, obesity problems and even creativeness. All you have to do is find the toys that are most appropriate for your kid and make sure to observe his/her play.

Children do not need much to make anything fun

Keep in mind that there is a difference between entertainment and play, since when children play, they are the masters of their own world. There are no rules, and no limitations, as they simulate what usually happens in adult life; which can essentially help them get creative. However, entertainment is presented in a form of a moving picture, such as a TV, computer or a simple video game.

Final word

Many parents do not think much about it before purchasing a toy for their kids, but they should. On top of that, there are many good stores that offer great big toys for your kids, and in case you need a suggestion, you can shop plastic swing sets at Step2 Direct!

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