Learn About Various Factors Which Make Pearls Valuable

To find out the value of pearl, you need to know reasons that make it valuable. These factors help in determining the worth and quality of a pearl.

  • Nacre

Nacre is identified as the even and flat surface that provides beauty to a pearl. The smoother and thicker the nacre is, the worthier the pearl is.

  • Luster

Luster is referred as the intense glow that a pearl imparts. This shine is produced by the light rays that enter the pearl and reflects back via the nacre layer. The luster quality is related to how smooth and even the nacre layers are. You can see your own reflection on the pearl surface that has a good luster. A pearl that does not reflect your image is of inferior quality. Use this guide to determine the value of a pearl.

  • Surface

Surface of a pearl is also an identifier of the pearl’s value. Pearls that have a cleaner surface make it more valuable and significant. A pearl that has good quality will have some marks and blemishes in it.

  • Shape

Pearls that have round shape are considered to be more valuable. They are the most sought-after pearls in the market. Natural pearls have a perfectly round shape as compared to cultured pearls. Only 5 to 10% of pearls available in the market are fully round in shape. Remaining of the cultivation varies from semi-spherical pearls to uneven baroque pearls.

  • Color

Color is not a very significant factor that determines the worth of a pearl. It is more of a matter of taste. When selecting a color, it is important to consider the skin tone of the pearl. Women who have lighter skin tone or complexion should consider pearls with rose (pink) overtones. Women who have darker skin should go with cream or black overtones.

  • Size

The size of a pearl can ranges between 1mm (seed pearl) to large 20mm. Cultured pearls of size 6 to 7.5mm are very common. Till date the largest size of pearl is of 26.95mm.


The above information will make it easier for you to figure out the most valuable pearls among a large set of pearls. This guide will help you make the best pearl purchasing decision.

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