Learn how to rock the layers

Layers always make your dress look more interesting. With layers, you can completely change your look and also with the help of a cardigan, shrug or jacket you can use or wear the same outfit in different ways. The same outfit can go for casual days, office and party night if you choose to change the layer over it smartly.

Your choice of clothes make you stand out of the crowd

Everyone who loves fashion and styling is always obsessed with wearing layers. Jackets, parkas, cardigans, etc. are loved by ladies. Just to do fashion and for styling of parkas,the winter season is admired. Not only women, but men also love jackets. A smart jacket will catch the eyes of everyone in the crowd.

You can buy a lot of stuff to wear during winters but wearing the layers in a simple way not always works. You can add on with styling and enhancing your look with more fashion just by styling the cardigan or the parkas in different ways and with different fashion/clothing accessories.

Wear with belts:Wear your heavy or thick winter cardigans with belts. The parkas can also be styled with belts, but the belt has to suit your outfit and has to go with the styling of the parka. For choices in colors, you can shop parka online.

Pair with a scarf or muffler: A cardigan or a parka can be paired with a stylish scarf or muffler. In wearing muffler, the fashion is no different when comparing both the genders. Easy going scarf style will look great with a summer cardigan. Work with the matching of textures and design of your cardigan, jacket,and the scarf. The textures and design selection makes your outfit to go together and look like a set.

Most preferred colors of layers

Black, camel color and gray are most used colors for layers. These colors are preferred because they can be paired up with the textured dresses and tees and also with plain apparels. Women also wear printed shrugs and cardigans to highlight their look. The printed cardigans look more beautiful with solid color t-shirts or dresses. The solid color gets a highlight,and the whole attire looks beautiful with the design of the cardigan. If you are wearing a solid top, then you can match it with cardigan having small designs or texture or even with big textures.

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