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Custom neckties are commonly worn as part of men’s dress code, from the everyday office wear to the formal corporate business attire. Not all men are probably comfortable in putting them on. Nevertheless, many, including men, may be not aware of possible necktie-induced problems and accidents. Neckties, when worn properly, will significantly reduce the possibility of developing such.

Once wearing a tie, avoid from making unnecessary movements where you risk your tie being caught. These types of are likely causes of physical injuries and even fatality. For example, around elevators or escalators.

Prevent tying your necktie too tight. Not merely is this very uncomfortable for the bearer, but would you know that doing so is actually associated with some serious health-related problems?

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For example, if you will definitely find an ophthalmologist for an exam, be sure to have a comfortably loose the custom neckties. A good necktie can temporarily increase intraocular pressure and yield false blood pressure measurements, making your exam results dangerously inaccurate. Remember, the doctor’s diagnosis, advice, health professional prescribed, and recommendation will mainly be depending on your exam results.

In addition there are researches that suggest the hyperlink of limited neckties and increase risk of glaucoma. Tight jewelry may constrict the leg veins in the neck area which can cause an increase of blood pressure to the eyes. This kind of in turn enhances the risk of glaucoma, one of the leading eye problems and causes of loss of sight in the US. Raised eye stress results to several eye problems, including irrevocable damages to the delicate eye nerves which may result to loss of sight.

But how would you know if your necktie is too tight? A tight necktie is certainly uncomfortable, but it does not necessarily have to shrink your neck and meddle with your breathing. My spouse and i guess no guy has on such anyway.

So how could you tell if you aren’t wearing it tightly? You simply cannot say so at one glance. A great way of knowing that is to slide in your finger involving the necktie’s knot and collar. If you have a hard time doing that, it’s time to loosen it. You just confirmed your necktie is too tight.

If perhaps you’re in a clinic or in medical triggered areas like clinics or even outdoor medical quests, it’s a wise practice to avoid any physical contact with your physician’s necktie. It looks like a harmless bit of clothing and certainly looks good on your doctor’s even. However, there’s a huge opportunity that the same necktie is a likely ground for bacteria. A doctor’s necktie is a good carrier of disease-causing bacteria.

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