Taking Cosmetology a Step Further

What is Teacher Training for Cosmetology?

This is for someone who is already a cosmetologist that would love to take the next step and become a teacher in the field. For example, if you are a licensed cosmetologist in the Chicago area you can search for teacher training for cosmetology Chicago IL. You will see a list of schools and what steps to take to bring this to fruition. This certification will allow you to teach others hair styling, skin care, and nail care.

How Many Hours?

This course is a total of 1000 hours and if the individual can show proof of have taken a particular class credit can be given so there will not have to be a retake of the particular class. You will need 500 hours of post graduate training. This is practice and theory of the basic cosmetology curriculum. There is also a need for educational physiology. This talks about the learning process, student development, and how they learn. There will also be a course on teaching methods as well. You will learn lesson planning, lesson delivery, and classroom management.

How Much Could I Make?

The pay is pretty good and worth going back to school to get the certification. The median starting salary can be $52,000 a year or $25.00 an hour. In this day in age everyone will all ways need their hair done. And with that being said the schools are full of students ready to learn and go out into the industry. This means that there is plenty of room for teachers to teach the students.

Where Can I Work?

There are a lot of opportunities with this career choice. You not only can work in cosmetology schools, but you can work in high schools. There are some high schools that offer the basic courses of cosmetology to their senior students to get them started on their career path in the industry. You can work at a vocational school as well. You could work at a job corp that offers cosmetology courses to its students. You could even offer your own classes on a specific method such as color. Once the class is done you can give out certificates and offer a certain amount of continuation credits with the class.

Sum It Up!

To sum it up if you are already in the cosmetology field as a licensed cosmetologist and you want to go further then give this opportunity a try. It will not take you completely from behind the chair, so you will still have that client interaction. You may not complete the style or do everything to the client, but it will allow you to share you techniques and know how to achieve what the client wants. You will have such a different perspective and gratitude in knowing you are training and molding the next generation of stylist in an ever-changing industry. Your pay will no longer be based off how many clients but will be a consistent salary. It is well worth it so go ahead and take the next to further your passion for beauty.

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