Tips for a safe online shopping

There are many reasons as for why you may choose dubai online shopping. You can bargain, select from various options, pay securely, fast shipping to your doorstep, and even return or exchange the product very easily. All of these have made shopping more convenient and comfortable for you.

But the news of phishing attacks may alarm you might rethink of online shopping in Dubai. So here in this article we shall be discussing about a few tips that you must follow to make your online shopping safe and secure.

  • Shop from a familiar website

In place of searching for a product on a search engine, it is recommended to use and search for the product on a trusted website that you are familiar with. Search engines can manipulate you to a wrong website, especially if you jump over the first few pages. -However, when you choose to shop from a familiar online shopping portal, there are very less chances of getting ripped.

  • Do not provide all the information about you

Your identity is not required by any online shopping store for doing business. But if this information including your social security number, or birth date etc. when combined with your credit card details is gotten by the crooks, while shopping online, then it can be misused. Therefore, you must not disclose your entire identity and disclose the least information about you.

  • Register using strong passwords

Whenever you register with an online shopping website, make it very sure that   you create strong password that is 8 characters long   and has a number and at least one alphanumeric character. An uncrackable password will make it very difficult for the hackers to crack to reach your account and steal your credentials from there.

  • Use only private terminals

You should not use a public terminal to make purchases. This is because you may often forget to logout of your account settings when shopping online and  so your account can be seen just by anybody who uses the computer next.

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