Top Things to Consider while Choosing Perfect Dolls for Your Baby

Thinking of buying a doll for your baby may seem an easy task to you! You just have to pick up a nice doll from the shop and see the excitement in her eyes when she opens it. So, you start shopping and come to know that there are far many options than you thought of and so, the job is not that easy.

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What will you do now? Which doll will you choose? Here are some tips.

Choosing a Doll According to Age

Your child’s age is one of the most crucial factors to consider while choosing a doll for her. While safety is also a major concern, it should also be considered that kids of different ages use dolls in different ways. You should choose a doll that will coincide with the age-related tendencies.

Newborn: In case of a newborn, safety is the top priority. There should not be any long hair, small pieces etc on the doll that can be chewed. There should not also be any hard parts. This age is all about the cuddles; hence the first lovies as well as cloth dolls are perfect. You can get top quality newborn baby dolls from Tiny Tiny Shop Shop.

Age 3+: When your child becomes a little older, she will want her doll to show more versatility. She will want to change her clothes, feed her, sleep her and play with her. At this age, your child will want to nurture and care for her doll.

As kids grow up, they start developing a sense of self and want to celebrate their daily activities. Toddlers gain confidence and want to reciprocate the love and care they receive. So, they enjoy repeating their own activities with their doll.

Around 5-6 Years: As girls attain this age and enter early elementary school, they tend to copy their mom and other young ladies e.g. their teacher. At this age, girls would most likely dress up their dolls like young ladies and they want to do the same too. So, they may love to have dolls with their closet full of clothes and accessories with which they can adorn their dolls.

While you should choose dolls for your baby according to her age, there are some common characteristics too which you should look for in dolls at any age. Here are some.

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Fun to Play

It’s well-known that small kids have an amazing imagination. A baby doll can perfectly boost their imagination, promote their playful mind and stimulate the development of several other skills. Therefore the doll you choose for your kid should let her creativity thrive.

The doll should at least have moveable limbs and additional qualities like blinking eyes to add to the fun. Such a doll can develop a sense of handling a baby in your child and thus teach her responsibility. While she learns to care for the doll, she will also care to learn for herself.


One thing is guaranteed that at some point of time or the other, your baby is going to make a mess with her doll. You should consider this fact at the very beginning and choose a doll that can be washed clean for the hygiene and health of your baby.

Most soft dolls can be washed in machines, while you can easily wipe the vinyl dolls with a soft cloth and make them look fresh.


Your little daughter will definitely shower her doll with love. While she will bathe her, feed her and change her nappies, she would also want to hug her, kiss her and take her in bed. So, see to it that the doll is safe to do all these actions with.

You can get a vast range of dolls and playhouse for kids from Tiny Tiny Shop Shop. So, choose among them and watch your child bouncing with joy!

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