Unconventional Wedding Food Ideas Every Adult Can Enjoy

One of the main parts of your wedding that your guests will remember is the food that is served at the reception. Most people arrive hungry to the event and want to enjoy the types of dishes that are served. When you’re looking for wedding catering tips that impresses your family members and friends, there are a few unique ideas to consider for the special day.

Personal Pizzas

Create a laidback wedding event with personal pizzas that are served to each guest with a chef that is on-site and can take orders. Your loved ones can choose the toppings that are used to create a meal that is specific to their taste and preferences. Consider offering gluten-free crusts or vegetarian toppings that accommodate different anyone with a restricted diet.

Mashed Potato Bar

Huffingtonpost.com lists a mashed potato bar as a fun way of feeding your guests and allowing them to customize what they eat. Create a bar that offers heapings of bacon bits, sour cream, green onions, and cheddar cheese with comfort food that will be a hit.


Instead of serving cake, opt for an unconventional option with donuts that can be easy to distribute to a large amount of people. Offer a variety of flavors and choose sprinkles that work within the specific color scheme of your wedding theme. Donut holes can also be served, which will work as an elegant desser that will be enjoyed by both children and adults.

Take-Home Cake Boxes

Take-home cake boxes are perfect for the guests who want to save their dessert for later in the day, according to theknot.com. Request that your caterer makes cake that can be taken to go and is placed in individual boxes that are ideal for out-of-towners who may want to leave the party early or indulge in a midnight snack. Consider adding a photo on the box and include your name or the wedding date to make for a fun souvenir that can be enjoyed later in the day.

Cereal Bar

Cereal bars bring out the inner child in adults and will offer a fun way of indulging in different flavors. The bar will be inexpensive to create by placing each cereal in a glass jar with labels that are used. Add scoopers to make it easy for each person to place their cereal in small bowls or bags to take back to their table. You can also put small milk cartons on display that are easy to grab for those who are waiting in line.

According to marthastewartweddings.com, breakfast for dinner is a unique option that is comforting and not overly stuffy at the wedding. Breakfast is considered to be a crowd-pleaser that can include scrambled eggs, French toast, orange juice, and waffles or crepes. Consider hiring a caterer that can create an elegant presentation with each breakfast dish to ensure that it’s still a formal meal that is served.

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